1924366_10152209435191923_8796792308532874513_nI’m currently a graduate student in Comparative Literature at UMass, and I’m on the Board of Directors of the Islah Reparations Project, a California based 501c3. The organizing work I do is usually related to anti-war issues, and often connected to my history as a veteran of the occupation of Iraq. In 2010 I founded the Justice for Fallujah Project and now I’m continuing that work as a reparations project with Islah. My research interests are closely relate to my organizing work. I’m interested in history, meta-history, and propaganda; and I’m currently researching the influence of US information operations on the historiography of the occupation of Iraq.


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  1. Remarkable insight from one who actually made a tour of Fallujah. I read the article “What American Sniper offers us”. I am in complete agreement with your views on America. We are in a bubble that suppresses the truth about what we do overseas. I don’t blame the soldiers as much as those who corrupt them in training. They take away their moral compass and are lead to believe that honor comes through following orders even if your life is at stake. It seems the lines get pretty blurry because they are laying their life on the line but for what purpose? Is it really our freedom here in America or is it for the perpetuation of the Military industrial complex that feeds on young men who don’t know what to do with their lives and are offered bravado, adventure and a chance at an education and GI benefits. I don’t believe in bearing arms unless the war came to our front door and it just might in the future, so my opinion doesn’t hold as much weight as your because you actually fought in a war. I appreciate the courage it takes to speak out against this fog tor smoke screen that covers our land and makes people so irrational when it comes to war. We should not think of soldiers as hero’s because they follow orders. The true hero’s are those who speak truth and are not afraid to speak up for fear of persecution. I have seen some of the mean things that people have said about Michael Moore. I don’t agree with what he said completely but it seems 95 percent of the people who left comments were very mean spirited, taking pot shots at his appearance and using foul language. I was astounded at the ignorance that was displayed. It’s almost like you can’t be critical against the soldiers club because they put their life on the line so everything they do is acceptable. It’s like a fraternity. We have all been lead to believe that the government has our best interests at hand and if you don’t follow in suit they’ve got their 900 pound gorilla to enforce and scare you into submission.


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